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Five Versatile Uses For A Meeting Room

Here are some useful suggestions for how to make a meeting room space work for you.

Meeting rooms vary in size and shape and location, but they all have basic things in common which means they can be used for several different purposes. As long as you have good Wi-Fi, plenty of electrical sockets and good natural daylight there are ways the space can be adapted to suit varying business needs.

Businesses face different challenges daily and having access to adaptable event spaces means they have a useful and reliable resource, and here are five suggestions for what a business can use a meeting room for.

Staff Training

Every business needs to go through training exercises such as induction training, health and safety training or job-specific development training. Often this training is more beneficial if it is done off-site, as attendees tend to lose focus if they are in familiar surroundings at work. If staff training is carried out off-site it is treated with more respect and as an employer the business will get more out of it.

Team-building exercises

There are many different team building exercises that a business can undertake and these are great for forging a team spirit, boosting morale and learning more about people. Different exercises can be creative, physical or problem solving but all you need is an empty room and the facilities mentioned above. There are some team-building exercises for large groups which may require a bigger space but you can easily accommodate a group of maybe 20 people split up into teams in a regular sized meeting room.


This is a combination of staff training and team-building and is sometimes used by businesses to develop their staff. Role playing involves acting out different scenarios in the workplace and working out how employees should act in certain situations. Again, this tends to be more beneficial if done off-site and people are more likely to feel relaxed and less self-conscious.

Lectures and Speeches

VIP visitors to a business, such as overseas employees, important customers or CEOs from head office, often wish to speak en masse to employees and if there are no such facilities on site, an off-site meeting room will allow for this. A similar scenario is motivational speakers, who again will face a more focussed audience if their presentation is carried out in a meeting room off site, rather than upstairs in the staff canteen.

Product Launches

Inviting a special audience of customers, industry experts or just internal personnel to a product launch is a great use of a meeting room or event space. With facilities to run films, to demonstrate the product and to hand out literature, a meeting room is perfect to give your new product the unveiling it deserves.

Meeting rooms can cater for all these events and at Pavilions of Harrogate we have event spaces of varying sizes which can all be adapted for your business’s needs, so contact us today and we can talk to you about how we can help.      

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