Celebration of Life

Commemorative gatherings at Pavilions

The loss of a loved one is a sad time and there’s lots to be done from arranging the funeral to deciding on where to hold the remembrance celebration of life.  We can help in a small way by ensuring the organisation of the wake is easy and seamless from beginning to end.

Having a remembrance lunch or tea after the funeral gives family and friends the opportunity to come together and express their condolences and support as well as celebrate the life of the person who has passed away.

We’re here to help with Humanist and non-religious Ceremonies and funerals.  Please call us on 01423 544544, so we can help you at this sad time.

Pavilions of Harrogate is walking distance from Stonefall Cemetery & Cremetoria on Wetherby Road.

View our menu for remembrance lunches for funerals and wakes

01423 544544