Future Farmers Harvest Dinner Dance at Pavilions of Harrogate

Pavilions of Harrogate and The Yorkshire Agricultural Society

Did you know that all events booked at Pavilions of Harrogate fund the work of the Yorkshire Agricultural Society (YAS), a registered charity helping to develop an environment where farming, food and the countryside thrives and grows.

Who is the Yorkshire Agricultural Society?
The Yorkshire Agricultural Society is a registered charity proudly at the heart of Yorkshire’s farming, food and countryside. Founded in 1837, YAS is best known for organising the Great Yorkshire Show but lesser known for the work we do throughout the rest of the year.

What does the Yorkshire Agricultural Society do?
The Yorkshire Agricultural Society invests over half a million pounds a year supporting and promoting agricultural in a wide variety of ways. These include organising educational events for children and families, sponsorship of events and conferences, awarding grants, promoting careers in agricultural and supporting those in the agricultural industry for example through health checks, networking events and being a source of help where needed.

What is the link between Pavilions of Harrogate and the Yorkshire Agricultural Society?
Pavilions of Harrogate along with the Yorkshire Event Centre, Fodder and Harrogate Caravan Park form the commercial arm of the Yorkshire Agricultural Society. This means that whether you are holidaying at Harrogate Caravan Park, having lunch at Fodder or booking your event at the Yorkshire Event Centre or here at Pavilions, you are contributing to funding the charitable objectives of YAS.

We caught up with Lynsey Pack, who is Head of Charitable Activities and Partnerships and asked her to give us more of an insight into her role and how YAS benefits from individuals and organisations holding their event at Pavilions of Harrogate.

How long have you worked at the Yorkshire Agricultural Society?
I joined the Charitable Activities Team at the Yorkshire Agricultural Society in May 2023.

Can you briefly describe your role?
I head up the Charity team at YAS. Throughout the year we organise events and networking opportunities for farmers and industry supports and educational events for school children. Some of the highlights of our year include the Women in Farming Autumn Gathering, Future Farmers Breakfast Meeting, Springtime Live, Countryside Days and the Discovery Zone and Innovation Zone at the Great Yorkshire Show.

What’s the best part of your job?
Honestly, working with everyone here at YAS. It’s such a friendly place to work and everyone is so supportive of each other.

If you had to describe the Yorkshire Agricultural Society in 3 words, which words would you use?
Traditional, Innovative and Fun.

What’s your favourite event at the Great Yorkshire Showground?
I would have to say the Great Yorkshire Show. There is such a great atmosphere around the entire showground.

Can you give me some charity facts and figures – where does the money our clients spend with us go to?
Every year, nearly £200k goes towards educating thousands of children about food, farming, and the countryside. Roughly 80k is focused towards supporting our farmers through the farming networks, the biggest of which are Future Farmers of Yorkshire and Women in Farming, both with over a thousand members.

Pavilions of Harrogate and the Yorkshire Events Centre are award-winning venues that have been hosting events for both business and the wider public for many years. Our wealth of experience and extensive knowledge ensures every event that takes place on the Great Yorkshire Showground is a success. Both venues fund the work of the Yorkshire Agricultural Society (YAS) and all profits go back to YAS, a registered charity helping to support and develop an environment where farming, food and the countryside thrives and grows.

If you wish to book an event at Pavilions of Harrogate or the Yorkshire Events Centre or find out more about the facilities we have on offer, please contact our Sales and Events team on 01423 544 544 or you can email us on enquiries@pavilionsofharrogate.co.uk.